Padt Badt – Frames and Fragments / Scott Sherk – Sound Shadows


Pat Badt: Frames and Fragments Scott Sherk: Sound Shadows

FOX GALLERY NYC is pleased to exhibit recent work by Pat Badt and Scott Sherk, whose paintings and recordings ground and transport us in time and space.

Pat Badt: Frames and Fragments
Pat Badt is a painter of memory. Through specific coding of color and texture, her abstractions reference “overlooked events that make up daily routine…The layers of paint become a history, just as their historical sources come from specific events.” In addition, Badt’s frames and titles are clues to these specific moments which inspire personal musings, many of which have universally shared emotional components. Her colors and textures remind us that we are looking at painting and into our own histories.

Although she is deeply influenced by Agnes Martin and Brice Marden and their “connections to light, color and space through abstraction” it is Matisse ”whose joy of color and freshness is a daily inspiration and reminder.”

Badt’s painted and wax-sealed wood boxes contain personal elements of remembered events. They are satisfying and intriguing objects and they invite us to imagine the meanings of the secrets within.

Pat Badt is Professor Emeritus at Cedar Crest College. She received an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

She has exhibited in Brussels, NY, LA, and Philadelphia. Her work is included in collections in The American Embassy in Riga, Latvia, The Ruth Highs Collections of Artist Books at Oberlin College and Bryn Mawr College and the Allentown Art Museum.

Scott Sherk: Sound Shadows
Scott Sherk creates sound visually. His early experimental recordings made him aware that sound was an important determinant in the perception of space. Initially a sculptor used to moving around masses and forms, Sherk noted that by manipulating sound he could carve into space, itself.

Ultimately I begin with sound work, and it seems it dictates how it wants to be realized–with video, objects or ethereally.” His current exhibit incorporates all three expressions of sound work: Three field recordings in stereo mix, with video, six laser etchings of sonograms on acrylic framed in shadow boxes, and a four channel sound piece, New Whitney, housed in a 7’ high tower and based on field recordings of room tones of each exhibition floor of The Whitney Museum, NY.

Donning headphones while looking at each approximately 8min video is an immersion which allows the viewer to simultaneously incorporate one’s own mental imagery and sense of location, movement, and time. As Sherk reminds us ”When do we ever just listen?”

The music industry has certainly embraced this with generations of music videos that can inform the audience to content and meaning or create a visual focus that enriches the listening experience.

Sherk notes:”I love the physicality of sound and how it can occupy and define a space either mentally or physically. We exist within sound always: We do not have ear lids. How we shape it, and how we hear it has a profound impact on our lives”.

Scott Sherk has exhibited widely including at the Katonah Art Museum, NY, Allentown Art Museum, Kim Foster Gallery NYC, and Leslie Cecil Gallery, NYC. His solo exhibitions have been reviewed by the NYT, and Art Forum. His sound work is on CD by 3 Leaves, and/ OAR, and released on the internet by Statisfield and Wandering Ear. He is a Professor/Artist in Residence at Muhlenberg College, where he has been recipient of the Class of ’32 Research Chair and the Hoffman Research Fellowship.