PHOTOGRAPHS: Musicians/Deborah Feingold; Intersections/Diane Love February 12 – March 28, 2015


We are delighted to have a second exhibit of Deborah Feingold’s rock n’ roll photography, in celebration of her recently published book “Musicians”,  which reveals Feingold’s unique ability to be an invisible and loving mirror for her subjects, who often have a love/hate relationship with promotional photo sessions.

We expect posturing and cockiness from rock music legends , but Feingold, a sensitive, empathetic music-loving photographer connects to her subjects’ essence of personality and their humanity.   She has her subjects almost immediately at ease, which engenders the kind of rare moments of honesty and intimacy that are the hallmark of her images. There’s magic at work in her photographs of music icons such as : Mick Jagger, Keith  Richards, Madonna, Bono, Prince, James Brown, Philip Glass, Phar​rell Williams, Chet Baker, Frank Zappa….. Planning, spontaneity and a deep love of her subjects is consistently evident.

Feingold states ” My belief in the power of the camera as a tool for self-expression and communication laid the groundwork for my career.”  After graduating Emerson, Feingold worked in a camera store in Boston and​attended performances by Miles Davis and Ashford and Simpson among others. She befriended young jazz musicians, then moved to NY in the 70’s to a then very-funky Chelsea .  Through her musician boyfriend, she met and photographed Chet Baker​; ​the rest is history. Feingold is grateful to Village Voice editor Fred McDarrah and staff Photographer Sylvia Plachy for her education but credits Musician magazine for her opportunity to shoot artists like David Byrne, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson.

Feingold has not only photographed great musicians but also some of the most prominent names in American culture, including President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Tom Wolf and George Carlin and Sarah Palin. Her work has been  published in the Rolling Stone , Time magazine and The New York Times.
To order Deborah Feingold’s book “Music” click here.


Multi-talented artist and designer Diane Love’s current photographic series “Intersections” refers to the serendipitous combining of images from recent work along with images she found when reviewing older contact sheets and negatives.  Concerning this particular group of photographs Love states” keeping up with world news is a big part of my life.  I did not realize until I was assembling my images for this exhibition how much impact my news diet has infiltrated my work.  Several images in this group are the intersecting of cultures and places completely unplanned.”

Love feels that “ Whether I am painting a portrait or catching a person in action it is still about capturing the essential qualities of that person.  I love the play of light on things, juxtaposing shapes, contrasting colors or playing up the many shades of grey in a black and white composition.” The work entitled Place de la Republique is the marriage of a photograph shot at the Park Avenue Armory layered over a photograph of a street dancer in Paris. Love relates, “It was December, 2014 and I had just emerged from the Metro into the vast Place de la Republique when I spotted an amazingly graceful young man dancing to sounds from his boom box. He seemed to float — lingering what seemed an eternity in the air.”  The motorcycle event at the Park Armory was photographed in 2007 while motorcyclists were following a scheme conceived of by Aaron Young, creating an array of rhythmic tire tracks on the Armory floor. Other Intersections are photographs shot on a trip to Cuba in 2012 juxtaposed with photographs taken of Whitney Museum visitors.

A graduate of Barnard College, Love has a long and illustrious career in NYC.  She is a nationally acclaimed designer of jewelry, home fragrance, decorative accessories for the home, painter, photographer, actor and playwright . In addition she is the author of Yes/No Design, Rizzoli ​for​ which she did much of the photography and Flowers are Fabulous. She also did the photography for her own column in HomeStyle Magazine.

Her work is represented by Staley-Wise in NYC and was also shown by Jane Eckert Fine Art, NY.  Love’s photographic work is in the permanent collections of The Central Park Conservancy​, ​Bear Stearns, Meridian Capital Partners and private collections .